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Palm Desert City Council

Meet your neighbor,
Mayor Jan Harnik

Jan has been your neighbor in Palm Desert since 1977. Through her 11 year service on City Council, Jan's fiscal responsibility kept Palm Desert financially secure through a pandemic and an economic recession. She has brought flourishing farmer's markets, valuable improvement projects, and support for local businesses in every corner of the City. Now,, she's asking for your vote to continue her dedicated work for Palm Desert.

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Jan's Palm Desert Values

Palm Desert has grown into a community with something for everyone.
Our values are constant. Our vision evolves.

Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

With a balanced budget and strong reserves, Palm Desert thrives as a result of prudent fiscal planning and vision. Whether running a business, a household, or a government, fiscal responsibility needs to be our top priority to ensure comfort and security for our community.

Prioritizing our Community's Safety

Our community is a safe place to raise a family, and it's up to us to keep it that way. We must support those who keep Palm Desert safe and ensure that our police and fire have the tools they need.

Supporting Local Education Programs

Education is crucial to a strong economy.

As a City, we've invested in programs that support education like after school activities and non-profits. By investing in education, we will build thriving businesses and create job opportunities for our community.

Growing our Vibrant Local Economy

Palm Desert's strong tourism economy depends on the vibrancy of our local businesses. We are the employment hub for the Coachella Valley and must support both business owners and workers and diversify our economy to keep our city growing strong.

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Michael Hestrin, Riverside County District Attorney

V. Manual Perez, Riverside County Supervisor

William Kroonen, former Palm Desert Councilmember

Chad Mayes, Assemblymember

Scott Matas, Desert Hot Springs Mayor

Dana Reed, Indian Wells Mayor

Carmina Zavala, Desert Healthcare Director

Rob Bernheimer,  Indian Wells Councilmember

Riverside Sheriffs' Association

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