She’s On Our Side


Balancing Budgets

On the city council, Jan has balanced every budget, built $66 million in reserves, and increased public safety funding to maintain a safe and secure lifestyle in her city.

She accomplishes these tasks by cutting waste, streamlining processes, setting the right priorities and stopping politicians from taking expensive junkets to foreign countries.

As County Supervisor, Jan will ensure that our tax dollars are invested wisely and continue her efforts to eliminate government waste anywhere she finds it.

Rebuilding our Economy

Jan was elected during the economic downturn.  She worked hard during the city's most challenging economic time to create an environment that would lead to the creation of better-paying jobs.

Mayor Harnik made her city more attractive to investors by streamlining the permit processes and creating more understandable and usable codes and ordinances.  

She also led efforts to make information technology improvements that will allow more City Hall business – such as building and other permits – to be conducted online.

Those efforts paid off.

Palm Desert is now a job friendly city, with strong tourism and retail industries and one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the county.

Growing the Coachella Valley’s Small Businesses

As a Coachella Valley Economic Partnership board member, Jan works to attract new employers and grow existing businesses.  Working with the school districts, academies in K – 12 have been developed to educate our youth and align the needs of employers with a highly-skilled workforce.

On the Board, Jan will continue her efforts to reduce barriers to job creation, invest in infrastructure and lead efforts to bring good paying jobs to the Coachella and Palo Verde Valleys.

Helping Those In Need Find Work

Jan serves on the board of the Girlfriend Factor, a local organization that provides educational grants and mentoring to local women so that they may enter the workforce and become self-sufficient.

Additionally, Girlfriend Factor participates in local job fairs that help match those who want to work with educational and occupational opportunities. The success rate of the grant recipients is outstanding and reflects the quality of the organization.

Improving Traffic Flow

Through the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG), Jan led efforts to synchronize the traffic lights along the entirety of Highway 111, creating more efficient travel across our valley. 

While Jan served on CVAG (Executive Committee and other committees), the following projects were completed, opened or continued:

  • The Bob Hope interchange was completed
  • Avenues 52 and 56 grade separations were opened
  • The Jefferson interchange broke ground and is well on its way to completion,
  • The Monterey interchange was completed,
  • The Fred Waring Drive widening project was completed,
  • The tire and oil recycling programs continue, and
  • Educational programs for our landscapers, recyclers and community members increase and improve.

Through efforts on the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), CVAG and the city of Palm Desert, Jan also continues to work to allow children to get to school more safely, improve air quality and provide better and safer options for those who ride bikes.


Making Government More Accountable

Jan led efforts successfully to require that city council meetings are televised and available via Internet by live feed.  She called for the accelerated digital archiving of records creating more complete and convenient access to public documents.

She also pushed to upgrade technology producing mobile apps that anyone can use to report issues such as graffiti or potholes directly to city Hall.

Jan will carry on her efforts to make government more transparent and accessible, shine a bright line on corruption and hold those in county government accountable when they waste our tax dollars.

Keeping Neighborhoods Safe 

On the city council, Jan worked closely with first responders to ensure Palm Desert has first class police, fire and ambulance services

She closely monitored the budget spent on police and fire to ensure services are delivered effectively and in an efficient manner.

Jan’s good work helped keep violent crime rates well below the national and county averages.

As Supervisor, Jan will ensure the county sheriff’s office, firefighters, paramedics and prosecutors have the tools needed to protect us and work to reduce crime rates in the Coachella and Palo Verde Valleys.


Improving Educational Opportunities

Jan served on the Palm Desert High School Foundation for eight years and raised funds to improve and guarantee educational opportunities for every student.

Jan worked to ensure that land would be given to Cal-State University San Bernardino in Palm Desert, tripling the size of the campus and setting the stage to establish Cal-State University at Palm Desert, providing Coachella Valley residents greater access to a college education.


Building Career Pathways

Through the Coachella Valley Economic partnership, Jan helps oversee efforts where local school districts partner with businesses to deliver K-12 career pathways programs built around specific industries, such as healthcare, digital arts, culinary arts, and renewable energy.

Academy students study career-themed courses along with required academic classes while partner employers identify and help develop next-generation talent.

Remembering our Veterans

As a daughter and daughter-in-law of WWII vets, one of whom was MIA for a period, and as a sister of a Viet Nam vet, Jan appreciates understands our veterans

She spearheaded the adoption of the 7th Regiment at 29 Palms by the City of Palm Desert. 

She and other volunteers from Palm Desert  visit the base and arrange events for the Marines and their families on the base.  They also have the Marines and their families to Palm Desert for outings. 

She also supports the 1st Division Marines (retired organization in CV) and ensures they are included at Palm Desert events.

In Palm Desert we recently partnered with Habit for Humanity and built two homes for vets, one ADA compliant.